Turn Your Dream of Moving Abroad into Reality

Are you itching to move abroad but haven't quite made the leap? This is the push of confidence you need to go for it!

In this course, we'll cover the 4 biggest aspects of moving abroad:

1. Logistical Prep, aka the boring but important aspects of moving.
2. Mental Prep, helping you gain confidence in your decision to go.
3. Emotional Prep, so you can deal with the emotional. rollercoaster of moving and breaking the news to your friends and family.
4. Cultural Prep, getting you ready to face culture shock.

After completing this course, you'll feel excited and ready to move abroad. You'll also feel confident in your decision on where to move and how you'll make your income abroad.

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6 Modules

Logistical Prep

Welcome to Logistical Preparation! In this module, we'll lay the groundwork for the rest of the course and get you started on the right path towards a fulfilling life abroad.

Emotional Prep

Welcome to Emotional Preparation to move abroad! In this module, we'll talk about how you can prepare and handle your own emotions throughout this process and also how you can best prepare your friends and family for your move.

Cultural Prep

Welcome to Cultural Preparation to move abroad! In this module, you'll make sure you're ready to embrace the cultural differences between your home country and your new home abroad.


Congrats on making it to the end of the course!

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